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paramotor  Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Type of Camping: Tent
Location of Adventure: Utah, USA
Describe your equipment: Flat Top Paramotor, MSR Carbon Reflex 3 Tent, Marmot Plasma Sleeping bag, air matress, pillow, and canteen
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This Outdoor Experience Review is about Paramotor Fly Camping.  Powered paragliding legend SUPERDELL brings to view a whole new way to camp!  Fly Camping, as he calls it, is where you pack your camping gear onto a machine called a paramotor and fly it to remote areas most people will never see or experience in their lifetime. The reliability of the right paramotor allows people to access places unreachable in the past.  This fly camping experience took place in August of 2011, in the mountains of Utah.  Does the particular area camped in have a name?  No, it does not – not enough people have seen the meadow for it to have a name.  Therein lies the beauty of fly camping.  There is simply no other way to reach places so untouched by man.  It is an amazing experience to go camping and not have to listen to all those rowdy college kids, that child who won’t stop screaming the next campsite over, or that dog incessantly barking at the wind.  Imagine flying into some of the most remote lakes that have never been fished before.  Imagine meadows in places that most people didn’t even know existed.  Camp at altitudes that are well beyond the physical capability of the average person to reach.  The fly camping experience is among the best because, not only are the campsites the unbelievable, the journey there is just as fun.

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